6 Advantages of Online Shopping You Should Know

Some years ago you had to go outside in the market to buy things like clothes, shoes, computer, mobile phones etc. But then online shopping came into the picture and became the most famous method to buy things without leaving the house.

Nowadays, it has become a fashion to shop online. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra have become giant eCommerce firms. Their earnings are in the billions and they are running like a horse to compete with each other.

But this competition among industry leaders has created many opportunities for customers. These days it is very easy to find things that you want to buy, and for that you don’t even have to go outside. All you need is to start your laptop/computer or Smartphone and search for desired shopping items.

On top of that, you can buy things at a cheaper price. Is it not an amazing way of shopping that actually saves your money? Sure it is.

Millions of people are buying things online, this trend shows that it is a convenient way to make a purchase. There are several advantages of buying things online, in this article I am going to cover up some of the great benefits of online shopping.

1) Time Saving

There is an old saying “Time is money”, I say “Time is more important than money”. In the 21st century, what people don’t have is “time”.

You can find thousands of people saying that they do not have time and we all know that shopping is a time consuming process.

Besides, people have to face long lines at shopping stores, traffic jams and many other problems to reach at the store.

But online shopping saves their precious time as they don’t have to leave their house. This is one of the biggest advantages of online shopping.

2) 24*7 Availability of Online Stores

It is rare to find offline stores that run for 24 hours a day, but online shopping websites are open 24/7, which allows you buy things anytime you want.

In India, we still face a slow internet problem, thus many people (like college going boys and girls or freelancers) consider it convenient to surf internet at night.

Hence, they can make online purchase even at night as all shopping websites run all the time. Therefore, it can be said that the availability of online shopping stores provide you the liberty to buy things at your own convenience.

3) Variety of products

At online shopping portals you get a wide range of products with lots of color, style and price variations. In offline shopping that facility is not easily available.

Also, at physical shopping stores you have to wait for the guy to show you the products while in online shopping you don’t have to wait for anyone, you can browse as many products as you want.

4) Competitive Price

This is one of the best advantages of online purchasing. India is a market where people like to buy things at heavy discounts and that has been made possible by online shopping websites. These companies are generally offering products at a very competitive price.

If you analyze then you would find a major difference between prices offered by online shopping stores and offline shopping stores.

5) Customized Options

At online stores you get many customization options, for example, if you want to buy a pair of shoes of the Puma or Reebok then you can easily select the brand name and the website will filter the results for you.

Also, you can filter the results according to size, color, price etc. This way you get a list of the best items that you can choose for yourself.

6) Doorstep delivery

Online shopping stores provide door step delivery that means you do not have to leave the house for buying nor you have to leave the house to pick your purchased item.

All you have to do is open the door when the delivery guys bring your item, pick it up, say thanks to the delivery guys and close the door.

Now you must be wondering why I should say “thank you” to the delivery guy, first it is a good way to pass genuine affection, second the delivery guy works really hard to safely deliver your items.

In 2015, Flipkart team at Mumbai did a very good job while facing a lot of challenges due to the heavy rain. That example shows that we should appreciate the hard work delivery guys do.


Online shopping is continuously growing tremendously and it will continue to grow. Competitive prize, convenience, saving of time and money makes it a better way to do shopping.

Besides, getting the knowledge of these FREE online shopping tips will make your buying experience more satisfactory because then you will realize that you have made a good deal.

Originally published at www.dealsfreak.com on February 16, 2017.

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