Shopify Pricing Plans (3 Plans To Know, To Start Your Store Now)

I figured it would be nice to put all the Shopify plans in one spot


It’s nice to see what they offer, and what you get especially if your already browsing around on this website.

And on top of that, a ton of readers are searching for terms such as…..

  • How much does Shopify cost per month
  • Which Shopify plan should I use
  • What does it cost to use Shopify
  • Shopify starter plan

So in seeing this I thought how fun to kind of open the Shopify pricing books and show you what your going to pay.

I will also break down the fees and other perks you get with each one.

Keep in mind too

If your not sure which one you should start with read closely on my recommendations depending on your needs.

A quick note: pricing plans can be tweaked often and I do my best to catch them. If you see something though, just let me know please 🙂

Shopify Pricing Plans

There is no setup fee for any Shopify plan. Each comes with a risk-free trial that lasts 14 days. No credit card information is required upfront.

Once the trial is up, however, a form of payment must be supplied to Shopify. Canceling a plan can be done at any time.

All contracts are month to month which means that if the plan no longer serves your needs, you can move on to another one or different company offering e-commerce solutions.

Here is a quick snapshot of the Shopify pricing plans broken down really quick.

Basic Shopify

Shopify’s Basic Plan is great for new business owners. It costs $29 a month which is very reasonable for start-ups.

It offers a variety of features and gives users access to two staff accounts. If you have someone else who will help manage your business, they can have a separate account to work with.

Basic Shopify account users needing more accounts to work with will want to look into a Shopify monthly plan which offers additional accounts for more than two people.

It’s a slight jump in price but well worth it to keep operations running smoothly and staff properly equipped to handle the job tasked to them.

Credit Card Rates

The credit card rates for Basic Shopify are broken down by transaction type. Online credit card transactions cost users 2.9% + 30 cents.

In person transactions are considerably less. They cost you 2.7% of the final cost.

Transaction Fees

There are no transaction fees if you’re using Shopify payments. Using external payment gateways cost 2.0%.

Shopify members are able to sell unlimited items on even the Basic plan, making it a wise investment for even the smallest business.

Ability to Switch to Different Membership Plans as Your Business Grows

As the operation and demand for the product grows, Shopify customers are able to switch plans to better accommodate their needs.

That’s one of the biggest selling features of the accounts. The monthly price of membership is very affordable and competitive when it comes to other e-commerce website companies.

This is an option that appeals to many businesses who don’t want to have to move their entire operations to a different provider.

Being flexible in its offerings makes Shopify one of the most popular e-commerce options available. People can decide which membership level best accommodates them and their business needs.

Features of a Basic Account

Some features that are included with a Basic Account include unlimited file storage, a +$49 retail package, and good Shopify shipping discount.

There is also the ability to print shipping labels, analyze instances of fraud, create manual orders, and offer discount codes, too.

Customer support is 24/7 and a website with blog and free SSL certificate is included.

Members who choose Shopify or Advanced Shopify plans gain access to even more features.

The additional monies they pay monthly entitle them to numerous features as well as the ones offered to Basic Account members.

If there is a feature that you want specifically, keep in mind which membership levels offer it.

A free trial is a good way to test Shopify out to see if it’s a good fit for you and your business.

You’re entitled to one before committing to being a paying customer. Once you’ve signed up for an account, you’re able to test out the services for yourself.

Who Should Use This Plan?

The basic Shopify plan is going to be perfect for anybody to get started.

Great for starting a new business or a small one quite new.

Your going to get 2 staff account perfect for a small team to get started.


Bottom Line:

If your a just starting eCommerce business this is a perfect spot to start.

Get Started With The Basic Shopify Plan


Shopify’s second membership plan is simply named Shopify.

It costs $79 a month and is best suited for medium-sized businesses who are growing quickly.

The features offered by this membership plan build off the ones offered by a Basic Shopify membership plan.

Credit Card Rates

Credit card rates for this level of membership are charged based on whether they were made online or in person.

Online rates cost 2.6% + 30 cents per transaction. In person, they are far more affordable at 2.5% which means that you have the option to sell items in a brick-and-mortar storefront or outdoor market as well as online.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees work in a similar fashion. If they’re made using Shopify payments, there is no cost. If external payment gateways are used, there is 1.0% in transaction fees.

With each new membership level, transaction fees decrease. An increase in monthly pricing plans covers the difference.

You basically get what you pay for by saving on credit card rates and transaction fees.

Features of a Shopify Account

Shopify account comes with five staff accounts which are great for up-and-coming businesses. It allows you to list unlimited products and file storage. Like with a Basic account, you get access to a +$49 retail package.

In addition to all the features offered with a Basic package, Shopify members get the following features:

These features help you get to know your customer and their needs better.

It assists you with coming up with a solid marketing plan based on your demographic.

It makes your business scalable and successful.

Who Should Use The Shopify Plan?

This eCommerce plan is perfect for when your starting to grow and scale.

You get 5 staff accounts to manage it, and a abandoned cart recovery option for anybody that left their cart filled with products.

So, you will directly email them a link to finish with a customized message.

This is super important in increasing your conversion.

On top of that:

With your growth you will want to cut down on rates and you will be nicely at the middle of the road to cut costs down.

Get Started With The Shopify Plan

Advanced Shopify

Advanced Shopify membership plans cost $299 a month and offer features that help scale your business.

Members receive unlimited products and file storage as well as 15 accounts. That’s an ample amount of accounts for the employees that help you run your business.

Credit Card Rates

Credit card rates for this level of membership include online which is charged at 2.4% + 30 centers and in person which is charged at 2.4%.

It’s the lowest credit card rates of the three tiers of membership. This is, of course, because of the monthly fee being charged by Shopify.

You’re able to take advantage of the savings because you pay more upfront for an account. Your monthly membership fee entitles you to these savings.

Because you’re able to list and sell unlimited items, this can be a distinct discount for you and your business.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees do not exist if Shopify Payments are used. Using external payment gateways costs 0.5%.

Again, this is lower than the other two plans because of the cost of monthly membership.

Features of an Advanced Shopify Account

Advanced Shopify offers the same features as the other two membership plans.

It does give you access to an advanced report builder and allows you to calculate shipping rates for third-parties. This gives you better control of how you ship your products to your customers.

Who Should Use The Advanced Shopify Plan?

If you run a large-sized business, you’ll find the Advanced option ideal. It costs more monthly to have but you save a lot of money on credit card rates and transaction fees.

You’re also given additional features that you don’t have to purchase elsewhere.

Gaining access to all the tools that you need in one secure spot is ideal. The fact that you’re able to assign separate accounts for up to 15 people makes a big difference, too.

People are able to do their jobs without interference, adding to the overall efficiency and success of your business.

Get Started With The Advanced Shopify Plan

2 Additional Pricing Plans To Know Real Quick

There is also Shopify Plus and Shopify Lite options for customers.

Shopify Plus is intended for high-volume merchants.

And the Shopify Plus pricing starts at about 2k per month.

whereas Lite is meant for people to sell on social media, in person, or on an existing website.

Shopify Lite pricing is $9 a month


It gives them the ability to accept credit card payments and keep in touch with customers through Messenger.

Here are some of the features explained about Shopify Plus in a nice detailed review I did.

So, Where Should You Start, If Your Still Just Not Certain?

So, since every business is quite different everyone has certain needs for their business.

They might need 5 staff accounts which falls under the Shopify plan


Maybe there fine with 2 staff accounts which would be great for the Basic Shopify Plan

So, just to break it down I want to share a stat of where the people I help with Shopify start.

82.1% are starting with the Basic Shopify Plan.

I find, this is a great starting point for a lot of eCommerce businesses because it has everything Shopify Lite has

and, it also gives you the ability to have a online store.

Now, keep in mind if your a larger business or scaling fast, sure you might upgrade fast

But that is a click of a button to upgrade

Probably best thing to do is to start your 14 day free trial

  1. Sign Up
  2. Fill Out The Business Info To Gain Access To Your Store
  3. Select A Plan
  4. Contact Shopify VIA Chat Right Then And Talk To Them For Peace Of Mind

Shopify Pricing Plans Conclusion

Just to recap:

The 5 Shopify pricing plans are:

  • Shopify Lite
  • Basic Shopify
  • Shopify
  • Advanced Shopify
  • Shopify Plus

As you can see the 3 main options are packed with tools and features to help your business succeed.

It’s just a matter of finding the perfect price point for you to start at.

The best thing of all is you can scale or downgrade if needed.

You’re never trapped with something you don’t want.

If you have any questions or need some help just drop me a line in the comment section below.

Originally published at on July 14, 2017.