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Everybody dreams. We dream of recognition and stability, wealth and stardom. We dream of becoming great at whatever it is we love to do — music, baseball, business, writing. To dream is to be human.

Yet, so few of us actually take the leap and do what is necessary to go out and chase our dreams down. We forget, in other words, about our ambitions and settle for something less.

We create excuses for this, too. It’s not the right time, we say. We’re too busy, we say.

Or, we try one or two times, fail, and say, “Well, I tried. …

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The most expensive thing in the world is bad advice.

As for the most expensive kind of bad advice? It’s the kind which keeps you from taking action.

The problem is, this kind of bad advice has a way of accumulating. Especially if you’re someone who’s driven and looking to improve, people will call you a dreamer, they’ll tell you that you can’t do whatever it is you want to do, and at some point, you might find yourself believing that. In turn, you’ll hesitate from taking action.

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Success isn’t simply a product of doing more — gaining more skills, more education, more certificates or promotions.

What’s even more important, in fact, are the habits and things you need to give up along the way to improve. Much of the baggage we hold onto throughout life is what really holds us back from actualizing our potential.

Here are the four key aspects of your past life you should re-evaluate on your road to becoming the best version of yourself possible.

1) Your parents’ beliefs

You know how it goes. Your initial political opinions, your foundational behavioral strategies, your work ethic — much of that is a product of the beliefs and assumptions held by those who raised you and the people you grew up alongside. …


Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is a NY Times Best Selling Author along with one of the top motivation and real estate trainers in the world.

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