What cannot happen at Standing Rock.

All over the online news scape there are articles now talking about the victory at Standing Rock. At first glance it sped up my heart beat and lifted my spirit to know that the voices of the people were being heard and our concerns addressed. For most who have researched we have found that it is the right thing to stand in solidarity with the Sioux tribe and their attempt to protect their sole water source. The red flags are that the company that is in charge of building the pipeline are blaming it on “extreme left politics”, and they say that it is “the administration” that has given in to “extremists “. I am in a state of denial in a lot of ways in regard to the upcoming political transition that we are all about to face in the United States. I enjoyed my family over the fall break and just let my heart and mind be at peace and in a state of joy. Now that we shake that off there is a very glaring reality that must be faced. Missions like the one at Standing Rock may not have the platforms to be heard and addressed for some time going forward. So we must all stand together consistently and dig in our heels in a way that we haven’t had to since the generation before us. Not my parents generation who, for lack of better context, spent their time in college and then clubs and then the suburbs with very little engagement in social politics. I’m talking about those who made it possible for my southern rooted African American parents to enjoy the opportunities that they had, and pass those opportunities on to my generation. We have to stand with the resiliency of those that still fought after a man was killed by the police in his bed with his wife and child in Chicago. The generation that dealt with the media fabricating stories of them as Most Wanted, and criminal when all they wanted was equality. The generation that to this day remains in jail or expatriated based on false evidence, blatant lies, and for real racism. Not the racism where you think it might be there because somebody seemed like they weren’t as nice to you as they were to the person sitting next to you. I’m talking about that no nuance just spit in your face and put a heel in your back type racism. What we can’t let happen at Standing Rock is the effacement of our memories as the media stories show us pictures of smiling faces and blurbs of surface victory. This isn’t a fight that will be won by “further investigation “.