#UltimateStreetDeals — 27 Year Old Dropout Walks Up to Random Food Truck in Austin Texas

#StreetDeals was invented by a group of friends in a hotel room in Baltimore. It’s a training exercise for Entrepreneurs on negotiating . Rules are simple.

  • Negotiate a deal whenever you are making a purchase
  • Record the offer and have them tell the camera your #streetdeals
  • Share on Social Media and upload to Messenger Room

Deals have included trading a free Chicken Wings with meal, 2 for 1 @ Cartel Coffee, Discounts at Chapters and many more.

Nathan Latka raised the bar with the #UltimateStreetDeal LIVE on Facebook:

I’m going to try and walk up to a random food truck
🍖 and write a check to acquire whole business on the spot
🔥. Will I get a deal? Help me in comments

Watch Nathan’s LIVE video:

Nathan Latka · 0:40 HOLY! Just finished with Ming. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking!

Do Ning and I overcome language gap and do a deal?
Do I write the check?
How much do I offer?
What is the deal?
Did I just buy a Food Truck from a stranger?!

Full details on the deal https://m.me/NathanWLatka/

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