Shark dreams: what do they mean?

Hello, I agree with the misconception of sharks; and it may be why my dream last night was not like others’. In my dream, I came upon a ship surrounded by hundreds of dead sharks. But, I found one alive and struggling with a spear through it. As I tried to save it, I did not feel fear or that my life was threatened in any way. When I finally saved it, I was elated. It swam away, then circled the ship and came up to me to let me pet it. Then it rubbed up against my leg, like a cat would, then swam into the ocean. I felt the whole time like it was a protector, not a predator. At no point, did I feel fear. I can’t find any interpretations on a dream like this. From all my reading, I am beginning to think I have a huge change coming for the positive in my life, and that things that may have been threatening to me, are changing — like someone who may have intended harm is saved by me, and protects me now instead of harming me (or, rather, trying to). Any help would be welcome.

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