Seriously? You file that trivia under unknown facts about Rafael Cruz?

Depends on the region. Here in Texas it certainly doesn’t get much better.

The problem the Republican Party is dealing with is trying to answer the question that Trump and Cruz are on opposite sides of - what does being a “conservative” in America mean today?

Cruz is the only standard-bearer left standing for the faction that answers that question with fundamentalism. Cut taxes, close borders, erase regulations, and bomb anyone who doesn’t agree with us, because our mission as a country is to prove that we’re the best thing there is, and that we don’t have to change to make that true. Cruz is a hardliner and he’s a true believer, and his intent is to use his election as a mandate to enforce the conservative agenda as he sees it.

Trump says a lot of that stuff, but his total disregard for the rules of the game is the real message. He’s not a conservative, he’s a libertarian (if not an outright anarchist). Might makes right, and the most important thing is not what he promises to do, but that you trust him to lead you. He will gladly say or do anything his constituents need him to, because that’s the job people want him to do. There’s ideology, sure — you don’t see him advocating for any of the stuff Bernie Sanders is going for — but I strongly doubt that Trump actually cares about most of this stuff enough to hold to conservative ideals just because conservatives are the ones who fought to get him elected.