It feels like there is a big part of reality (if I can talk about reality within a comic book universe) missing. I need to go back to my corner and think about it some more.
I do agree with your point about privilege and the way it shapes our position, but not so much…
Ester Šebestová

I like your point. Thank you for articulating that.

You’re right, too. It’s weird to those of us who live in the USA to consider the idea of life WITHOUT this tension. We’ve been telling this reductive story about government so loudly that it just kinda becomes background noise. You just…know about it.

When you interact with people on a daily basis, you’re all constantly slipping in references to dumb things someone said or did, and then everyone goes around and trots out their most appropriate rejoinder. There’s almost no actual conversation. It’s replaced by this weird repetitive interaction that you can do almost mindlessly.

I’m sure it happens in other places too, but we’ve always been so fever-pitched about it. Of course, when your country’s founding myth is of literally discovering the New World and throwing off the shackles of the mother kingdom, it’s easy to see how you might develop a fetish for revolution.

Which makes me wonder if it isn’t most accurate to see the US involvement in foreign affairs as a barometer for what it wishes it could solve inside its own borders. Haven’t we always sent out bravest men into the wild, searching for the heart of darkness?

Anyway. That’s a tangent. The thin characterization of Big Government in the movie, to me, scans like willful ignorance. We’re an unstable nation who capitalize on our control to force the world to entertain us whenever we need distraction. We don’t WANT to look any closer at government’s motives for demanding control, so we’re just going to agree that it’s bad and try to get on with our lives.

Thank you for giving your reading. One of the main corollaries of the foregoing is that it’s very nice to speak to someone who understands that what’s going on is Very Strange.

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