…except that your analogy about pies isn’t a good example of the problem.
Jake Brodsky

Stop changing the subject. Creating or withholding facts is very different from openly acknowledging and owning bias, and I have zero interest in the former as it’s not what Wallace was trying to start a conversation about. You’re blurring the line between the two the same way Marketplace did when it fired him — an unearned logical leap without which it seems hard to condemn him as you are.

And as he pointed out — Marketplace TOLD him to blog as himself outside of his official work with them. Don’t you think it’s a liiiiiittle shitty for them to fire him for something that wasn’t clearly against their policy when he did it? I mean, I know you don’t. But your reasoning for not caring doesn’t sit well with me. I think we should hold Marketplace to a higher standard than “aggressive limitation of liability”. All they’ve proved to me in this incident is that they’re easily cowed by their public.

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