I expect more from an academic
While this is an interesting read, I expect more from an academic.

Why are you expecting it on Medium? Why are you expecting it from this article? Did anyone claim this was the whole story?

Your thoroughness, and your expectation of thoroughness on the author’s part, feels to me like a tactic serving primarily to insulate you from having to listen to what’s being said. No one’s claiming this article is the full thesis against men’s rights. It’s a report of an experience, and a testimony based on that experience. If you’re having a different one, that’s cool and we’d love to hear about it, in a manner that doesn’t include an attempt to shout someone else down when they say something with which you don’t immediately agree.

Incidentally, if you’d actually like an answer to any of the questions you posed, I’m happy to have a conversation about them, and I think I can provide pretty good rationale to back up a lot of what the author said, even though I don’t know them at all. I don’t claim that I can convince anyone of anything, but I can definitely provide context.