Friends and family.

I believe that friends and family are the true cause of happiness. Friends most of the time are people that are not related to the family, so it is a relation built from the ground, someone that you did not know but with time and effort both created a relationship. On the one hand, this does not apply with my family relations, I always lived in a big family. Loving my parents and my sisters may seem something “forced” because I grew up with them, my love for them it is a consequence of that. A strong relationship with my friends is like having them as part of family.

Right now there are a lot of reasons why I really love my friends and prefer them over my family. I spend most of my time with them, share my secrets and fears, and is always convenient to tell them everything I think; my friends always have something to say, rather I like it or not. They do not care about looks. And, they really don’t care that I’m not perfect. I do not have to pretend to be someone else to be with them. I am very fortunate to have the friends I have, they act just like my family and do not ask for anything in return, is a relation started from scratch, it was not something planned like a family relation normally is. A friend’s love is something given out freely, they choose to do it. We deal with relatively the same issues at the same time as me and they are always there to remember me that I am not alone in my struggles. All of my favorite moments were with my friends and family, together or separate.

Friends and family have their similarities and differences. But they both have one thing in common that outweighs all the differences putten together. They will always be there for you. It is always nice to feel like you belong and will be accepted, and if there is ever a time when you do not feel these things, you know there is a place to go. I couldn’t be less lucky to have the family I have, they are perfect, so I am just looking for more perfect things, like my friends, relations that I am gradually building with my efforts. Through our best friends, we are rescued and repaired. May we always be able to rely on them and may we never take them for granted.