Using Closed Loop Extractors to create income

DeAndre Dodge
2 min readNov 6, 2019

The hemp industry is gaining popularity, and entrepreneurs have several avenues they may take to create revenue streams. Creating concentrates with CBD rich hemp and a closed loop extractor is perhaps the easiest way to begin in the industry.


Engineers have also found a way to cash in on the growing hemp trend by creating closed loop extractors for sell on Amazon and their e-commerce websites.

How to Create Revenue

Begin by selecting an extractor that you have space for. Industrial extraction units can be quite large, and require a warehouse with a large space. Other extraction units, like the ones on Amazon, are generally smaller and you can see review images of people setting them up in their apartment rooms.

Next, you’ll want to find a hemp supplier that has registered industrial hemp plants for sale. Before purchasing hemp, you’ll want to make sure your state has legalized it. Some states are still wary of users importing in industrial hemp, even if its not considered cannabis. People are also moving to legalized states in order to begin.

Follow the instructions on your extractor to ensure its setup correctly and you have everything in place. Consulting with an expert on this matter could save you a lot of heartache and also could save you from making failed extractions that don’t work.

The finished product will be a CBD rich concentrate with all the impurities cleansed from the plant. The concentrate is valuable, and when you do you own extractions with hemp, you’ll find a considerable profit margin.



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