Different versions of advertising

Is extremely important that the content of the publication and any kind advertising because as face book is the most interactive social media is tremendous force best seo services for the word of mouth…. Media market greece in, the global company of electrical and electronics media mark launched a new advertising best seo services jumbo lives!. The reasoning came at the company headquarters in germany, while this idea was made by greek advertising company with which it cooperates media mark. There google local seo best seo services were different versions of advertising which played both online and in the middle mass media tv, radio, print.

The jumbo botanic drinking with huge straw drink from the next table, which comes in ones suitcase not pay ticket on the boat, hugging the unknown bather in beach to get the sunscreen, she goes to a funeral to drink free coffee as therelatives cry dead and more. Both the slogan advertising the stinginess is guts and in general the whole advertising campaign did so negative feeling that social media from the first hours took fire. Several of the versions of advertising cut from the early days of the company and went to market very quickly the new part of the mother google local seo jumbo lives! To follow the first to the negative comments. The company was forced to answer publicdays later, the misunderstanding of the campaign, namely the google local seo fact that there it meant the greeks as the free, but anyone mans of the world which although does everything not to spoil money for the products just goes to media mark.

The connection of the advertising idea and best seo services belief a large proportion of greeks especially on issues such as the price of the dead return it was negative. Very fact that the company is german interests and this time the imposition of the imf in greece main helper germany was what best seo services led to the anger of buyers in the mid social networking and blogs.. Types of advertising there are many types of advertising on face book, which differ in the appearance but also on the objective chosen. Overall, the options for advertising face book they are self-served, are standard domain ads page like ads marketplace page post ads o photo o video o text o link app ads event ads promoted boosted posts sponsored stories- longer appear only as an option of the above position display advertising advertising on face book species differ in that will appear, as to target they have, but also in the appearance of same.

The best seo services As for the space in which appear, a class are ads on the home page news feed of face book between the posts of the users friends and be identifiable by distinctive bottom- administered sponsored. Another location where ads appear is on the right almost every page right hand side- rhs, google local seo where some ads appear one below another and frequently updated even when the user remains in same page.

But there are types of ads, which are considered premium and one can advertised to them only if they communicate with the exclusive and official representative of face book in each country. Such sites are for an entire day, all users who make log out from the account them see almost the entire surface is covered by a photo/ video,whether for a whole day or for consecutive days or for a longer time and a specific number booked impressions, one ad plays in news feed best seo services majority of users with the desired target age. But in specific advertisements, as they play without competition, especially based on massive projection in this particular brand, or an action and achieve strong and massive view, it makes no sense that the concept of optimizing their visibility technically and therefore not our employ in this work.

Targeting advertising campaign as regards the objective is to achieve an advertiser with that campaign, the ads are divided into the following categories bringing user page either in face book fan page, either the external page as many people as possible by click on advertising, placing the fan page as the possible more likes, in fans, to be in a particular publication post the fan page interaction with the face book users engagement make known a face google local seo book application and use it as most users, etc.