.luxe launch looms

Dean Eigenmann
2 min readOct 9, 2018


Recently, Nick announced an integration with the .luxe TLD — the first time an internet-wide top-level domain will natively support ENS. This permits anyone with a .luxe domain to use their domain both in DNS and ENS simultaneously, simply by entering their wallet address in their registrar’s control panel.

ENS is excited to see this development, as it integrates ENS and Ethereum closer with legacy Internet technologies such as DNS. Improvements like this are crucial in improving the usability of Ethereum and applications built on top of it, by doing away with t1he need to enter long, opaque addresses.

Today, the .luxe TLD was enabled on ENS on the Ethereum Mainnet, with the deployment of a new registrar smart contract. This is the first step in launching the TLD publicly; it provides the infrastructure necessary for supportinng DNS registrars such as Alibaba and Encirca to ENS-enable their customers’ domains.

Owners of .eth names can pre-register their name on .luxe starting today, while general registration opens on November 6. For more information, visit join.luxe.

Further, IMToken, one of the earliest wallets to natively support ENS, has announced support for registering and associating .luxe names directly inside their app.

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