The Strangest Thing Happened at Tesco

I went to my local Tesco’s today, as I browsed the aisles looking for the items I wanted to purchase I noticed something particularly unusual. There were at least 4 empty checkouts without any queues. It was 11am on a Sunday, the car park was jammed, and there were lots of shoppers in store as always.

About 10 mins later, after I’d finished filling my basket, I headed back to the checkouts and again was surprised to find an empty checkout, no queue!

I unloaded my basket onto the conveyor and mentioned to the checkout assistant how refreshing it was not to have to wait and queue.

She replied with a smile and said;

That’s because every single checkout is fully staffed today.

I paused for a moment and then continued to pack my shopping bag, paid, thanked the assistant and exited the store a very satisfied customer.