Opportunities and Angola Businessmen like Mirco Martins are Attracting Foreign Workers

In the last five years, Angola, and its capital city of Luanda, has seen a big growth in the number of foreign workers. These workers are coming from all across the world in search of economic opportunities and higher salaries. Many in fact come from Portugal which has been suffering from a weak job market for quite some time.

Not only are these workers bringing their money and savings to Angola, but they are also infusing the country with professional skills and expertise, international perspectives, and networks to foreign business partners. As time as gone on, the Angolan economy has benefited greatly from the increase in skilled workers and professionals who are making life in Angola more exciting and profitable for everyone.

These workers are arriving in the country for a number of different reasons. In addition to the strong job market, many are intrigued by Angola’s steadily climbing economic power in Africa. Already the third largest economy and the second largest crude exporter in the country, the Angolan economy continues to grow at high rates every year. Much of the credit for this is due to the country’s enterprising young businessmen like Mirco Martins. With their help, it is making Angola a very difficult place to resist for international professionals.

To use Mirco Martins as an example, the young entrepreneur has started up and developed several businesses in Angola and beyond. Some of these businesses include Grupo Vernon. It’s difficult to describe where Martins’ interests lie, as he is equally involved in private equity, telecommunications, real estate, energy, and more. By expanding into many sectors of the Angolan economy, Martins has been able to provide these markets with new ideas and investments, creating a more attractive job market for both foreign and domestic workers.

Since creating his six businesses, Martins has created hundreds of jobs in Angola. About 80% of these jobs are going to Angolan citizens and helping Luanda continue to prosper despite declining energy prices. Without the help and investment of businesses like those of Martins, the recent economic downturn would surely be much, much worse.

In fact, although many of Angola’s foreign workers initially left when the oil prices first plunged, many are now returning. Having spent time in other countries and working for other companies, many have realized how their opportunities are still much better working in Angola for talented businessmen like Martins.

The decline in oil prices and subsequent measures taken by the government to control spendings actually bring new opportinuties for Angola to diversify its emerging economy. Attracting investors like Martins and convincing them to invest in Angola is in the long term the best strategy the country can adopt.