Alcoholic Drinks That Can Be Disastrous For Your Dental Health

Alcohol consumption in general has proven to be one of the most dangerous acts for the health. Nevertheless, the real bad news is that even the healthy moderation of alcohol consumption doesn’t lift the typical dangers which can ruin the health. And, there are some kinds which are specifically harmful and, hence, should be avoided.

While alcohol’s effects on overall health are usually discussed by almost every health-concerned person, there is less emphasis on the alcohol’s effects on oral and dental health. The matter of fact is that dental health is the immediate victim of alcohol consumption. When dental health is affected due to alcoholic habits, the overall health becomes even more vulnerable.

Having that said, there are three types of alcoholic drinks which can damage the dental health in worst possible way.

Sparkling wine and Champaign

We all know how acid can be disastrous for the dental health due to its enamel dissolving properties. With that said, Champaign and sparkling wine contain acids in much higher content. This higher acidity of alcoholic drinks doesn’t only eats away the enamel but it also destroys dentin which lies underneath the enamel. In general, drinking sparkling wine and Champaign can seriously damage dental health.

Red wine

People usually talk about the benefits of red wine. Well, there surely are a few upsides but these benefits come at the cost of other health disadvantages which you do not want to have. On the top of everything, the most undesirable effect of red wine is that it starts discoloring the teeth and erodes the enamel. And as for the immediate impact, red wine consumption can leave dark stains on the teeth. Red wine usually contains strong pigments which, along with the acids, can get attached to the porous surface of the teeth, making the teeth ‘red wine teeth’. The pigments are so strong that they make it hard for a person to clean the teeth with the help of daily dental cleaning habits.

Sweet wines and ciders

The hazards of sugar for dental health are not hidden from anyone. And it’s the sugar which ciders and sweet wines are filled with. According to a study, ciders contain as much sugar as required by a person in the entire day. And, sweet wines are also this much sweeter. Now, there is the bad impact of sugar to talk about along with the fact that alcohol alone can be highly dangerous for the oral and overall health.

When ciders and sweet wines are consumed, sugar inside it sticks with the teeth and starts acting like a food source for the oral bacteria. It can lead to the tooth enamel erosion, tooth decay and gum disease.