Tl;dr Reminders from a volunteer effort to build an app for the World Health Organization (WHO) about the basics of working with large organizations

Man and duck negotiating a common language
Man and duck negotiating a common language
There’s always a Far Side cartoon that helps.

There’s a volunteer effort helping the World Health Organization deliver an app for people, beyond the governments and health and policy professionals that WHO technology typically serves. I joined that effort early on, and recently scaled my participation back. This volunteer collective and its collaboration with WHO started with excitement, sincerity, and the best of intentions on all sides and… stalled in a variety of interesting ways.

I shared some of my notes on this project with friends, both tech and non-tech. Based on those conversations, I’m sharing here some of what happened in the hope that the arc might be useful for others. The initial theme of the conversations with friends was how easily product/engineering people and non-tech industry people can “lose track of the plot.” Over time, the topic shifted — to bureaucracies and the management/leadership issues that accompany them, and to the power of volunteer and not for profit efforts, and the additional emphasis these kinds of efforts place on trust. …

tl;dr using a DSLR as a webcam

Who doesn’t want to look better? Turns out that the front facing cameras on most devices… aren’t that great. Nicer webcams are backordered and/or jacked up in price.

Q uestion: Can you use your nice relatively newish digital camera?
Answer: Maybe.

I am super open if there’s better advice or I missed something obvious along the way. Comments are open.

Some Canon Cameras

If you have a Canon, see if their recent software release works with your camera:

This is the list of supported Canon cameras, which you can find at the link
This is the list of supported Canon cameras, which you can find at the link
My camera is too old. Sad!

Details are here:

Clean HDMI?

Does your camera do clean HDMI out? That is, HDMI output without the indicators for battery, memory, etc. …

tl;dr some book recommendations since the last one

I’m downstream of and benefit from a lot of good book recommendations. Passing some of them along here. (As always, I welcome book suggestions and recommendations!)

There has to be something better than Medium. Recommendations welcome in comments.

Strongly Recommended Fiction

  1. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August (C North). Really fun, great premise, had a hard time putting it down. Just yay.
  2. Artemis (A Weir). Flat out fun read, much more than just good. …


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