Music has been for centuries a performing art.
Gab Scali

Gab Scali….you seem to have a distane in your tone for commerce, and see a winning combination of talents, distributions for the privileged few. Are you also going to see anyone who organizes themselves with a product, and distribution as “privileged”? Good bye- KFC…Good bye McDonalds…Good bye. While I appreciate your efforts to expose the value of music, attacking it in the same breath, and telling the music business to figure it out without being above a carpenters wage is rediculous. Can you tell me why a man pushing a puck through a net is worth millions of dollars a year, or a woman pushing a ball into a cup with a club should have the opportunity to live a life rewarded ?? If you want to save the orchestral classical, and jazz genres we will have to split them First the orchestral. You can thank the pirates for this as well Gab. As a result of the devaluing of movies, the budgets for lavish orchestras have dwindled, yet the need for the same movements has not diminished. Hence the String Sample Vienna Pack for $2500.00 and you have an entire 73 piece string orchestra at your finger tips, with every expression known to man, recorded at 192 kHz Dolby Atmos Surround sound. This will put the janitors and maintenance people out of work at the grand halls, because they will be required less. The instrument makers will be without work, because between China, Mexico and every rip off pirate of instrument manufacturing, people won’t have $100,000 to have an authentic hand crafted piece of Wood….hmm…some Carpenters do make a large amount for smaller pieces..I wonder if you still feel the same towards the elite few musicians now. Or how about a Steinway and sons piano 9 foot Full Concert Grand at $156,000..or more. Guitars that can sell for upwars of $50,000 K…?

As for the distributions and having to figure it out. I have figured it out…But to answer your question with dignity I’ll have to wait until you respond. When ever I read a blog with as much opinion as yours, I know you are needing to be educated beyond your scope and vision, most likely experience as well. A reader with experience in the industry can easily spot your agenda early in the piece and you echo your belief throughout. Perhaps it is you who has failed at making a living at music, and to gain justification for your disapproval and lack of compensations, you choose to gain favour with the Carpenter, who you depict as under privileged because the musicians are over privileged based on distribution and radio / copies.

I look forward to helping you gain greater understanding…

Having you blog with a distorted view point doesn’t do the artists any favours…until you have a clearer perception and perspective that is respectful to the Carpenter, and the musician.

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