Avid Outdoorsman, Dean Heller, Fights Gun Grabs from the Left

Dean Heller’s record on Second Amendment Rights speaks for itself.

“We won’t lay down our arms out of fear of special interests. Especially when our Founders envisioned a government where the people have a right to defend themselves, their home, and their family.”
– Dean Heller

Dean believes we need to enact legislation that protects our rights and makes it more difficult for liberal special interests to chip away at the Second Amendment. That is why fighting for Nevadans’ ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights is a top priority of Dean’s — particularly given the magnitude of money and outside special interests that have been flooding Nevada with ads, ballot initiatives, and more to threaten our way of life.

As someone who understands the importance of upholding and protecting Nevadans’ constitutional rights, Dean remains an unwavering advocate for our Second Amendment and reminds outsiders: “I know these are Nevada’s values.”

Dean’s record speaks for itself:

  • Fighting to end a ridiculous rule that weakens the Second Amendment rights of senior citizens across the country.
  • Opposed comprehensive gun control legislation.
  • Spoke up against legislation would place burdensome requirements on law-abiding citizens and would not preclude the creation of a national gun registry.
  • Constantly expresses concern about any legislative proposal that would infringe upon Nevadans’ Second Amendment rights.
  • Supports ensuring that Nevadans’ concealed carry rights are recognized in other concealed carry states.
  • Lead the charge to end Operation Choke Point. (Obama’s DOJ used this program to identify merchants it deems to be “high-risk,” such as gun sellers and ammunition sellers.)
  • Opposes legislative proposals that infringe upon your constitutional rights without providing adequate due process.
  • Authored legislation to give military base commanders the authority to allow service members to carry personal firearms on base for the personal protection and force protection — This helps ensure our nation’s service men and women will feel safe while stationed at home.
  • Filed an amendment that would ensure law-abiding Americans continue to have access to commonly-used ammunition for legitimate purposes, such as target shooting.
  • Fought to reverse the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) policy that requires veterans who have a VA-appointed fiduciary to help them with their benefits to be deemed “mentally defective” and automatically reported to the current background check system.

There’s no question — Nevada can always count on gun owner and sportsman, Dean Heller, to protect our values.