Dean Heller Reminds Congress What It Means to Have the “Power of the Purse”

Dean’s No Budget, No Pay Act will restrict Congressional members from being paid until they do their job and pass a budget

In an effort to get the federal budgeting process back on track, Dean’s No Budget, No Pay initiative will not only put an end to years of Obama-era spending but also force Congress to make the necessary but tough decisions that are expected of them.

The budget process hasn’t worked the way it is supposed to for years. Most current members of Congress haven’t helped to pass a budget the way it’s supposed to be done, despite the fact that Congress itself determined how the process would work. 
Instead, Congress typically relies on continuing resolutions and omnibuses, a massive bill that wraps all of the spending into one package at the eleventh hour, to avert a government shutdown. Headlines that suggest we’re headed toward a government shutdown only lead to political expediency, failure to commit to budgeting, and more federal spending. If Congress passed a budget, we wouldn’t be having the same conversation about government shutdowns that we continue to have every few months.

Food for thought: The last time Congress worked together to pass individual spending bills was 15 years ago. (Ideally, Congressional committees are expected to debate and approve 12 individual spending bills that specify how much money goes to federal agencies and programs).

What’s worse? The last time the budget was balanced — meaning we didn’t run a deficit — was nearly 20 years ago, in 1998. It’s clear we need more than just talk, and Dean Heller is leading the charge.

“Enough is enough, and Congress can no longer continue to ignore this responsibility.” - Dean Heller

Serious financial problems are plaguing our country. Dean is one of the few, who want to hold Washington politicians accountable for repeatedly failing to make responsible spending choices.

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