Do you really know Dean Heller?

How well do you know your Senator? Here are some things you probably didn’t know about Dean Heller.

Did you know that “The Heller Band” is one of Dean’s favorite family traditions?

Dean gets out his trombone, Drew picks up his saxophone, Harris the trumpet, Emmy her clarinet and everyone else in town for Christmas (now including kids’ spouses) grab an instrument and “The Heller Band” plays together to put on a very unpracticed and raw performance of the “Holiday Sampler” and “Eagle Summit March”.

Did you know that Dean Heller has authored over 100 pieces of legislation that are now law?

His legislation includes fighting to protect Veterans, preventing human trafficking and violence against women, to reduce taxes, protect communities from the threat of terrorism, to uphold Second Amendment rights, reduce the role that the federal government, to promote women in entrepreneurship and more.

Did you know that Dean Heller owns and lives on a ranch in Smith Valley, Nevada?

Dean says that when he’s not in Washington, D.C. working for Nevada — he’s on the ranch working for his wife, Lynne. In his limited spare time he loves to spend time outdoors and with his grandkids.

Dean with his grandson Zach on the ranch.

Dean has always loved sports and grew up playing football, basketball and of course racing.

He was even on the cover of Carson Magazine with now Congressman Mark Amodei while playing together in the Nevada State Legislature Basketball game.

You probably already knew that one of Dean Heller’s favorite hobbies is stock car racing, but did you know that he learned racing from his dad and grew up working in his father’s shop?

“I’m probably one of the only U.S. Senators who can change your oil and fix your transmission. My dad made sure of that.” — Dean Heller

Dean loves to hunt and fish and has a record setting bull elk hanging in his office that still ranks in the top 100 in Nevada.

What are Dean Heller’s legislative priorities?

Dean is working to help states and communities make significant progress toward services and resources for sexual and domestic violence survivors.

He was a co-sponsor and helped ensure passage of the “Violence Against Women Act” which has helped states and communities make significant progress
towards improving services and resources and improving the criminal justice system’s response to these crimes.

Dean also introduced legislation and supported federal funding to help local communities carry out DNA analysis that will ensure justice for sexual assault survivors and protect the general public against criminals.

“As a father of two daughters and a granddaughter I want to do everything I can to give women and their children the resources they need for protection and a better life, away from violence and abuse.” — Dean Heller

Dean Heller has also been a leading voice on supporting our Military and Veterans. They have been his priority since taking office, and he has introduced 34 bills (13 have been passed) to aid and protect those who have fought to protect our nation.

Watch them tell their stories here:

Did you know that Dean was in a musical?

One of the best kept secrets about Dean Heller is that to support his wife, Lynne, Dean agreed to play Stewpot in the musical South Pacific.

Yes … he even sang.

Not only that but in 2009, he dressed up with his brother in law to impersonate John Wayne on a mountain packing trip — it’s no surprise that his grandkids call him “Duke”.

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