Heller Urges Senate Leadership, Let’s Work 24/7 On Tax Reform and Conservative Judges

Commentary by Dean Heller on his effort to push senate to work around the clock

It is abundantly clear that the tactics employed by the minority (Democrats) are designed to stop the new administration and its agenda. Overcoming this obstruction will require a real commitment on our part.

We need to start working around the clock, nights and weekends, whatever it takes to overcome this gridlock Democrats are using to obstruct getting conservative judges on the bench and finally passing tax reform.

By having the Senate work 24/7 we can advance the president’s agenda, including a meaningful health care solution, bold changes to our tax code, and funding the government by year’s end.

Voting day and night and we offer our time to preside over the Senate when necessary to keep us on track.

Our conference should always remember that we are fighting for hardworking Americans. In their daily lives, when there is work to be done — whether on assembly lines, in the fields of family farms, fishing in our bountiful waters, or standing in harm’s way — everyday Americans do what it takes to get the job done. We owe them the same unrelenting effort in the job they gave us to do.

I’m fighting to ensure Senate Leadership will make the Senate work 24/7 and get these conservative judges on the bench … and finally pass tax reform.

Dean Heller

U.S. Senator, Nevada