Veterans Overwhelmingly Reject Jacky Rosen, Rosen Responds With Desperate New Ad

Why is Jacky Rosen out with a desperate new ad lying about her and Dean Heller’s record for veterans?

Because after Congresswoman Rosen abandoned Nevada’s nearly 300,000 veterans, they are overwhelmingly rejecting her.

Congresswoman Rosen voted against holding VA employees more accountable, before flipping and voting for more accountability just weeks before she announced her campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Rosen chose to campaign in Hollywood with Hanoi Jane Fonda, who called Vietnam War POWs “liars and hypocrites” whose torture was “understandable.”

She fails to mention that in her ad.

Then Rosen skipped a vote to expand coverage for veterans suffering from exposure to Agent Orange so she could cut a campaign commercial. Worse yet, she used Nevadans’ tax dollars to pay for the trip.

Now that our heroes are realizing how little they matter to Jacky Rosen, they are rejecting the rookie Congresswoman and sticking with Dean Heller, who has always made them a top priority despite the lies and distortions in Rosen’s new ad.

Rosen cites a scorecard from an organization that knocked Heller on issues history shows he supports, and also punished him for missing a vote to attend his daughter’s wedding.

“Priorities matter, and Jacky Rosen has shown that Nevada’s nearly 300,000 veterans are at the bottom of the list,” said Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper. “Dean Heller is a proven champion for these heroes. Thanks to his leadership, 40 bills to support our veterans are now law and fewer veterans are awaiting the care they have earned. Congresswoman Rosen’s revisionist history won’t change the fact that she hasn’t been there for these men and women while Dean Heller has.”

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