If onlyagentile dared to voice his tropes aloud in my presence, there’d be a swift re-education…
Dean Hillel Weiss

Bring it on gentile boy. Redneck? I’m a city boy through and through. Right now I’m in Los Angeles, I’ll give you my address if you’re in the area. Kentucky hills? No Jews there, just your white trailer trash hillbillies. Surely you’ve got some relatives there? Tough guys and intimate violence? I hinted at no such thing. But let’s see what lesson or two you think you can teach me, I excelled in Krav Maga in the IDF almost 30 years ago and never stopped my martial arts training. While you’re at it, I probably make more money in a year than you’ll make in your lifetime. But hey, it’s a Jewish thing. We control the banks as I’m sure you well know.

Not too hard to bring out the worst in you, that’s probably the only thing you rightly claim to possess.