Why are We Supporting Everyone Except Our Most Talented Students?
Jonathan Wai

I posted this to my local parents group for gifted education that I help manage, this is a great article! But also, I posted this response: “This comment bothered me: “When a gifted kid grows up to be a gifted scientist and develops the cure for a disease, discovers a new energy source, or invents the next life-changing program or device, he or she will have created something for everyone” This is true, but I’m not raising my kids to be the next big genius. I’m raising them to be happy, successful adults. I think the reason I focus so much on getting kids what they need at their level (which is discussed accurately in the article) is for that…not for some potential that they are going to be a super genius and cure cancer or whatever. I am more on the side that if you don’t give bright kids what they need, like material at their level, their crazy desire to learn met, and taught how to fail and then grow, then they will have a harder time in that journey to success. Success is not always a Nobel prize for a really bright kid, and I think it is a cultural trope that puts unecessary pressure on high ability learners. If they grow up to do something big like that, that’s a bonus, but not the end game, and shouldn’t be why we reform education for these kids.