I feel like Pablo when i’m working on my blog.

Kanye west feels mythical at times, it is completely possible that by his own word he is in fact a god, backed up by his omnipresence in both the media and music industries. He’s the guy we all love to hate just because he’s a bit of a knob to be honest, to be clear I’m by no means the biggest Kanye fan alive but I’ve definitely always liked the guy as an artist. About two years ago it all got a bit jaded and it wasn’t cool to eat meat or listen to Kanye anymore. But somehow throughout Yeezys turbulent 2016 i’m finding my small affection growing into a big ass love.

February appeared and so did The Life Of Pablo an album that is obviously really good because it’s a Kanye West album. Unfortunately the build up to it’s release was a bit of a catastrophe. It was as if we had pre-ordered the album only to be have been on the toilet when the delivery man came, a few days later and that feeling you get standing line at the post office with your ‘sorry you were out’ slip in hand is the same feeling I had when signing up for my Tidal free trial.

But I have to admit Pablo was right, it’s a gospel album alright and I listened. The first couple of days I just enjoyed it but then a couple days later I started to realise just how brilliant everything that surrounded this record had been. The rocky release took us as mere music consumers on a journey with the artist that we never usually get to experience. We heard a few tracks that may or may not make the album, we saw the track list change numerous times, we saw some different ideas for artwork and we heard about what was happening in the studio. Then that listening party at Yeezy Season 3, that was just the perfect way to finish it off, no? We were part of Kanyes production team on this, and we know just how stressful making that record was. Kinda feels like we all achieved something great when we finish listening to that album, pass me the aux.

The number one moment on this record is that Lexapro verse on F.M.L The think pieces I’ve read about this hit me hard and in an unexpected turn of events has fired me up for first time since I left university. I want to make something again, or more than anything I want to be invested in something I care about again. Kanye confidence is a mad thing but there might just be some beauty in it. Our mentalities will drive anything we create whatever that may be and Kanye is only testament to this.

It seems like there has been a lot of character assassination fired at Yeezy over the last couple of years, from the media to Amber Rose, your favourite blog and most recently Taylor Swift. But the crowd of people surrounding me when Kanye took to the Pyramid Stage in 2015 proved that the music is bigger than all of this. Sometimes I feel I should keep my new found respect for Kanye to myself, just in case he pushes it to far for me, then I look bad or feel stupid or whatever. But he’s just a man full of ideas; hell bent on seeing them come to life: Determination that I can only dream of.

Dean Jeffery @DeanJ53