Want to Sound Different Than All the Other Players Around You?

Creativity Secret for Guitar #6

Want to expand your musical horizons as a guitar player?

Want to stretch yourself farther than you ever thought you could?

Begin listening to quality musicians who play instruments other than guitar.

In 1987, when I met my most influential teacher, Charlie, he was on a quest. In his own practice time he was busy stealing lines from jazz saxophone players. The stretches he would have to put his hands through to play some of those legato lines still hurt my hands today. And I don’t even play them. I just remember Charlie playing them!

Yngwie J. Malmsteen became world famous by ripping off Paganini’s (famous 18th century classical violinist) style.

Steve Vai? Mozart.

The freak of nature, Billy Sheehan, rose to rock stardom by playing his bass like a rock lead guitar player.

Find another instrument you like and start stealing lines you can adapt to your own style of playing.

A few places to begin are trumpet, flute, violin, viola, and the sitar.

If you don’t like any of those, than there are plenty of new instruments you can find on Youtube. There are so many amazing instrument creators out there today. It is an exciting time to be a musician!

Begin learning from quality players of other instruments and you will transform your playing this year.

Have Fun and Make Music.


P.S. If you find a new instrument you find especially attractive, please let me know about it.


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