The Web’s Grain

What makes the web so much different from other mediums is that it is something so versatile, something that can constantly be updated and people are constantly creating innovations for. The unique properties of the web can be used to our advantage in a multitude of ways, they make it simple to share content with friends through mediums such as social networking, without the restrictions like distance that limit what can be done outside the web. The web also allows us to discover and experience things that without it we would not have seen.

For instance, while viewing a recipe online, other similar recipes or recipes that people who have had what you are viewing recommend can be shown to you. There are also applications that can dynamically scale the amount of ingredients to the amount of people you are cooking for, something that a recipe just written down on paper wouldn’t be able to do and would require you to work out for yourself. The web also makes it a lot easier to give feedback and collaborate with other people, for instance someone could comment on the recipe you are viewing saying they didn’t like it when they made it, but giving a link to another recipe that they would recommend.

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