the step forward.

No matter what the voices tell you
–You’re beautiful.

I know it’s just a word, that’s become white noise, 
no matter how many times you try to change the channel
to something a little bit more hopeful.

Darling, I know you’re shaking, but I promise, 
If you take my hand,

the tremors won’t be so overwhelming.
No matter what you’ve told yourself,

You’re incredible.
From the ridges on your fingertips, 
to the ridges in your heart.

See the ripples beneath your bruised up knees,
The waves crashing across the beams of this bridge.

Breathe in the salt of the world before thinking to leap.

Feel how the wind tangles its fingers in your hair,
how the sun caresses your cheeks, 
how the clouds cover you with love,
and remember for a moment, 
that should you ever feel so unloved,
even by yourself,
the world around you will always be enamored by your being.

And if that is not enough
to keep you from stepping forward,
into the depths of cold,

where there’s too big a chance that you may never return,
then take my love with you,
so you’ll never feel alone.

For I promise to stand right here, 
for as long as I need,
with my palms extended,
for a warm and safe embrace.
Let the tingles from the passing of time numb my limbs.
I don’t mind.

Not for a heartbeat.

Because, sweetheart, 
I’d do just about anything to remove the fog of past pains 
that blur your eyes,
blinding you from seeing,
how astounding you are.