Cosplay and Why I don’t Anymore. — Rambles

Let me be honest. Cosplay used to be a pretty big hobby for me. I loved the planning, prop making and costume and wig shopping (I can’t sew so screw me).

My feelings as I grew older in this hobby made me feel I wasn’t ever good enough or attractive enough to dress up anymore since as I grew into my mid 20’s my body isn’t quite what I used to be. To me, I’m just this awkward shape of a woman with small boobs and a chubby gut despite that I work out almost everyday here. Just not in the cards for me anymore unless I want to go the anorexic route again to get down to under 120 lbs. I am not a Nigiri and I feel that it’s now the standard to be as attractive you can be and I don’t have the mindset for it.

As well as my feelings about cosplay my feelings about conventions changed as well. I think I can pretty much blame this on my new interest in traveling.

Conventions can easily drop about 500 or 600 just for a weekend of fun and sometimes overpriced merchandise of Japanese and geeky origins. I felt like I was wasting my time planning for such things when I could use that money spending it abroad in say Japan, Korea or any other country I plan on going to. I wanted to widen my horizons and going to the same conventions year after year weren’t doing it for me. Plus Japanese stuff tends to be a lot cheaper in Japan…. I feel like buying them here is such a rip off now.

I now tend to go to local conventions just to hang out with people that I met in the cosplay community I grew up into. I cherish those people a lot in my life and I wouldn’t want to just fade into existence and forget it all. Plus our local cons aren’t that bad and I don’t have to spend a lot of money just to have a weekend of fun. I even have one costume that I just keep on improving on for upcoming years.

Overall, these reasons are why I feel cosplay isn’t for me anymore. It was fun when I loved it but now it feels like a waste of resources that could be spent more wisely elsewhere in my life. Still a geek at heart though and that won’t ever change. My cats are just that more important :P

End Ramble.