Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014.

Talk about inspiring…

I was watching it last night with my mum and I couldn't help notice how some of the models were so lean. I mean Candice, Adriana and Lily looked AMAZING.

(I’m picking out those girls because if I’m honest, I don’t know names of many others. They all looked incredible.)

They’re all so motivating! And they looked incredible in the underwear.

I strongly recommend watching it if you have the time (40mins) and if you’re lacking a little extra motivation!

It might even be a good thing to work out to considering the great music they had. Performances include Taylor Swift who did two amazing performances of her new single ‘Blank Space’ and her album hit ‘Stlye’. Ariana Grande also did a mash-up of her most popular hits during ‘University of Pink’ — which included ‘Problem’, ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Break Free’ aswell as her latest hit ‘Love me Harder’. Hozier sang his phenomenal hit ‘Take me to Church’, along with the gorgeous Ed Sheeran doing a beautiful rendition of ‘Thinking Out Loud’.

You can’t afford to miss the shows, personally I love the 2013 show just as much!

Each year so much effort goes in to these works, and these girls will blow your mind.

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