Nail Polish vs. Nail Paint

Why Do They Call It Polish?

I made the mistake once of telling my mother I was going to paint my nails.

I witnessed that look that only a parent can give you that makes you feel like you are THE most ignorant individual they have ever met and HOW on Earth did you end up being their seed.

After which, she told me, “No, dear, you’re going to ‘polish’ your nails.” Rather than risk being proved an idiot, I didn’t argue.

I did, however, look this phenomenon up. I mean, after all, you really ARE painting your nails. Aren’t you? And usually with some color, be it pink, red, or purple do they end up.

Ha! It turns out the only ‘difference’ is where you’re from, what you’re taught to call it, or what the manufacturer calls it.

Here’s an interesting explanation on that:

Whether or not you call it polish, if it lays a coat of color over your nails it’s nail varnish/ polish/ enamel/ lacquer/ paint. Apparently, saying it wrong isn’t as popular as doing it wrong.

If you’re like me, trying to PAINT your own nails is like being a one-armed paper hanger. (Don’t ask, it’s something else my mother used to say.) Regardless, it’s hard to do by yourself.

According to Lindsay Schallon, Glamour at the Huffington Post, there are 16 Ways to Do it Wrong:

You mean, that’s it? That’s all I’m doing wrong? I’m saying it wrong AND doing it wrong. To heck with all that!!

I’m just going to do this: PERFECT NAILS ← So glad I found this.