A firsthand account of how a climate-anxious 23-year-old managed to create a genuinely impactful career.

Two years ago, I began my journey into activist entrepreneurship. Today, at 25, I’m working for myself and have the resources I need to make a real difference in my community and for our planet. Here’s how I did it!

Why I started eco ally and became an “activist entrepreneur”

My story begins during the spring semester of 2016 at…

How do environmentally conscious consumers think?

If there’s one word that’s going to define business and marketing trends over the next decade, it’s sustainability.

The statistics are clear: Sustainability is on the rise, and there’s a lot of money –– and potential positive impact –– to be made as sustainable shoppers continue to drive industries toward…

Sustainability will be a $150 billion market by 2021, making green marketing more than a nice-to-have

As headlines about the climate crisis have greatly multiplied over the last year, so have the sponsored posts advertising eco-friendly products.

The leading companies in nearly every industry –– even the fossil fuel industry –– have recently made their “environmental commitment” a new selling point as consumers are becoming increasingly…

Join the ranks of the entrepreneurs transforming industries for the better.

During my time in college, I was introduced to the idea of social entrepreneurship — a type of entrepreneurship that focuses on developing solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.

My courses were filled with inspirational TED Talks and NPR interviews featuring people who were leveraging their skills to earn…

If yes, would it really make a difference anyway?

Whether or not human society as a whole operates sustainably isn’t really a question — we know it’s unsustainable to the point of collapsing Earth’s natural systems and cycles.

As someone who is highly concerned with this fact, I spend a decent amount of time reading studies and articles related…

Deanna Pratt

Growth strategist and mentor for sustainable startups 💫 on a mission to help help shift the U.S. towards sustainability 🌎 www.deannapratt.com

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