Crowdfunding Update: July 12, 2017

Hey lovelies!

As of today, we have just $3,380 to go to my stretch goal for my Indiegogo campaign.

I’m going to be leaving for Montreal on July 17 to begin recording my forthcoming album, Because I Loved.

I would love to see the project fully funded before I head out and begin recording.

I have some great perks waiting for you, and I would like to highlight the most popular items so you know what you’re getting when you donate to this project.

At the $100 level, you get:

  • Digital download of the new album
  • Thank you on social media
  • A signed physical copy of my new CD
  • T-shirt
  • Digital discography

When you donate at the $250 level, in addition to all the above, you also get:

  • Personalized video message (for Valentine’s Day, birthday, or song)

You can donate any amount at Indiegogo:

Or, alternatively, you can send me a personal eTransfer if you wish. Please contact me directly about this.

Thank you. I couldn’t do this without your support.

Love D xo

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