Are you a writer?

What books changed your trajectory as a writer?

I was searching for writing resources when I stumbled across an eBook, “You are a Writer.” Although I had crafted and written stories since I was 12, the audaciousness of the words sent shivers down my spine.

Was I a writer?

It took less than an hour to read and by the end of it, I knew.

I am a writer.

Why had it taken me so long to admit and declare? My soul had been screaming this truth for years, but it was not until I saw the words in print and resonated with the declaration and battle cry of a fellow writer that I knew.

I am a writer.

Now that the question of whether or not to write was decided, I committed to the journey and process of writing.

This was years ago, when the book was first released and this past weekend I gathered at Tribe conference with hundreds of other writers.

The revolution of writers sparked by Jeff Goins, Writer’s words continues. Thank you Jeff. You have pioneered and blazed the trail for countless writers whose words have been set loose through your example. May you hear and relish the gift of their thanks and friendship.

Reflecting on this pivotal moment in my life is a wonderful reminder that the invisible truths we declare and embrace become our reality, for better or worse.

I am a writer.

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Join us here.

PS: if you are a writer or thinking perhaps you want to write… I continue to recommend this book:

Deanne Michelle Welsh

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Storyteller & Founder of Unstoppable Writers, writers committed to one another’s success. Join us:

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