Jumping Off The Cliff: succeed or die.

Will you jump?

If you are willing to commit and do whatever it takes — the solution, space and resources will appear. This is how it works.

If we hold back, clinging to our paper rafts of security, we will never reach our goals but will sink in the sea of everyday demands and busyness. If we are not intentional with our time, it will be intentional with us — pulling us further and further from the shore of success.

This is not about making reckless decisions and quitting our full time work — this is about making time to pursue our dreams. Are you willing to spend time pursuing your dreams each day?

Even if you only have five minutes — don’t let the lie of “that’s not enough time” sneak in. Claim your five minutes and use them. Whether you brainstorm a blog draft or jot an idea down in your idea catching book. DO IT!

“Because Your Dreams Are Worth 10 Minutes” — Katharine Grubb

Too often my excuses and constraints have been fabricated to protect me from failure. Although my excuses are usually rooted in reality (I have a job, I have a kid, I am busy) — if a sudden demand arose and required my attention, I would MAKE THE TIME to address it.

Why is is so hard to MAKE THE TIME to pursue our heart’s work and desire.

To be a writer — I must write.

To be a speaker — I must speak.

The first gatekeeper I must pass by is myself: do I believe in the creative gift God has given me? Do I trust God’s nudging of my soul to write and share the stories and messages He has given me to share with the world?

I hope you will take the jump! Claim your five minutes to pursue your dreams.

I would love to hear from you — how did you pursue your dream today?

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