The One Thing Every Writer Must Do

Have you dreamt of becoming a writer? What pictures come to mind when you dream? Perhaps there is a quiet room and a desk basked in light. Or you see an office with ceiling high bookshelves and a mess of papers and books scattered, open and pen-marked.

Although countless people dream of writing a book some day, countless people will not. Although the reasons vary, each reason contains the words not enough. Perhaps there was not enough time, or talent, or confidence… While these complaints may hold a grain of truth, they are not the end of the story, unless we allow them to be. There is always an invitation to more.

The brave act of creating always brings us face to face with the not enough. This is where the road divides.

Will we believe the not enough, pack up and go home? Or will the not enough to fuel our hunger and search for more. This is where our creativity and persistent are put to the test. The great news is that every artist feels the rumblings of not enough and the tension of pursuing the yet unfulfilled dream. If you feel and face these challenges, you are not alone.

The brave willingly choose seasons of preparation in pursuit of their dreams.

Without movement and growth towards the dream, it will die. The choice is ours. Give up or be fueled by hunger for more: growth, knowledge, skill… The decision has little to do with the details of what you are pursuing and everything to do with MINDSET. Dreams and projects come to fruition through the thousands of small choices made day by day. Seasons of preparation are not one and done. Even a seasoned writer with a new project or dream faces the choice of the novice: prepare or give up.

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What season of preparation are you in? What are you working on?

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