Writing Hack: Why I deleted my entire inbox

How does your inbox look?

Confession: I did not set out to delete my entire inbox.

Each week my to do list included: sort through my emails and decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete.

The problem: I had subscribed to over 50 blogs for writing tips, tricks and insight and I did not have the time to read them all. The titles were catchy, the writers were doing their job well. When I tried to tackle my out of control inbox, the overwhelm would kick in. I found myself rushing through emails, scanning like a hungry dog — afraid to miss a dropped morsel of knowledge that would catapult me forward.

It’s difficult to start over, even if it is what we need.

The reality: I was not learning. I was not putting anything I learned into action. Hours wasted opening my inbox, barely making a dent, as the total number of my emails crept into the thousands. Each time I opened my inbox, a wave of anxiety swept over me. How was I every going to get through all the emails? In my gut, I knew I never would.

Finally, after the pain of seeing my inbox disaster was greater than the pain of letting go: I deleted my ENTIRE inbox.

It was scary: what if I missed something?

I knew it had to be done. Like an addict, I was hoarding emails for their supposed knowledge and help. The space in my inbox for actually learning had vanished in a sea of subscriptions.

My courage to delete my inbox and start anew came from being honest with myself and trusting that as I move forward, knowledge, skills and opportunities will be provided.

I do not need to cling and clutter up my inbox and life out of desperation.

My decision to clear out my inbox comes on the heals of a season of healing and root work — a desire for clarity and clutter-free simplicity.

A desire to leave a scarcity mindset behind and to give thanks for the many gifts I already have.

Creating and writing is vulnerable and it has taken time for me to find the safety and stability to set my words out into the world again.

This time away has been refreshing and rejuvenating and I have so much I want to share with you.

I would love to hear how you keep your inbox or life clutter free? Comment below.

Thank you for journeying with me,