YOU ARE NOT CRAZY — To the Writing Mom

Her eyes held the ache of being caught in the tension. Am I crazy to be a mom and still pursue my dream of writing?

I feel crazy for pursuing writing and building a business while my son is so little, but I also feel like I have to — for me.

I understood the tension and have faced it time and again myself.

Although the writing mom often feels like an inchworm in terms of the progress being made with her words — she is moving forward. Although the writing mom often feels like a sticky hand toy, slapped against the demands of her family, her work and her soul — she is moving forward.

Her life may not be balanced (what is that anyway!!) and her house may not be spotless (this bothers her more than it bothers her family and friends) — she is creating space for her voice and her soul to expand. This is brave.

If you were created to write — all areas of your life will be impacted when you are writing and this is not a bad thing. This can be a GREAT thing!

Great art supports and enriches the life of the artist.

When I am not writing — life becomes burdensome and I feel stuck.

When I am writing —I feel the good tired of work being completed, but I am able to let go and relish time with my loved ones when the work is done for the day.

The tension will always exist — but we can use our creative powers for ways to live within in. As we seek, creative solutions emerge.

Although we will swing from side to side of the tension, we do not give up.

We continue to inchworm is forward. One step at a time.

We pour buckets of grace over our work, our families and ourselves because we have been given two of life’s greatest gifts: a voice to put into words and our loved ones

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