Royalty and friends fly in

Went over to Hedonism III last Sunday night in the company of Justine Trudeau, son of the former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, and Gabrielle Windsor of Great Britain, a cousin of His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

Justine Trudeau

Both, along with some close former college buddies, flew in on a private jet and were guests of SuperClubs’ executive vice-president, Joey Issa.

The young Trudeau said he was a huge admirer of the Jamaican culture and wouldn’t rule out the possibility of having a second home here. He described the Prospect Villas, where the group was staying and breathtaking and described the Hedonism property as a wonderful resort.

Gabrielle Windsor

Gabrielle Windsor said she enjoyed her stay and thanked Joe and the SuperClubs group for being consummate hosts.