#VaynerWorld: 4 reasons why it was incredible

#VaynerWorld was the London launch event for Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book #AskGaryVee, held at WeWork Moorgate last night. Here are my 4 reasons why it was an incredible evening.

1. It was, first and foremost, fun!

The whole concept of having fun really is underrated, and almost taboo, in the business world. From the goody bag including Vaynerchocs to the party anthems played during the warmup act, the whole experience created an incredible atmosphere and I left with a bigger smile on my face than the one I had walked in with.

2. I landed my right hook

I’d mentioned in my last two blogs (here and here) that I’d been jabbing at Gary and his community for some time, with good results. It was time to throw my right hook which required asking for Gary’s most valuable asset — Time.

I got up on stage to have my copy of #AskGaryVee signed, and the first thing he said to me was “Hey, I really appreciate that tweet you sent today about me remembering your name”. The attention he gives to his community never ceases to amaze me.

I explained that I didn’t have a question for him right now because it seems every time I think of one he produces a piece of content the following week that answers it! But at some point in the next few years I know I’ll need his advice, so would he give me 10 minutes of his time, 1 on 1, whenever he’s in London or I’m in New York? Watch the video link below to find out.


3. I networked with some great people

I’ve said before that I’m fascinated with turning the connections I’ve built online into real life relationships. That’s the essence of what social media is about, and it was fantastic to be in a room with 500 like-minded people. Gary’s community “get it” and understand that marketers ruin everything, and know why it’s important to get onto new platforms early while the majority of the population are saying “It’s a fad, it’ll be gone by next year”.

It was suggested that monthly networking events be held for Vayniacs in and around London to get together and collaborate. If you’re interested then click here or on the image below and send us a tweet!

4. I learnt a valuable lesson

Caring — actually giving a crap about your community, your customers and your employees — is one of the biggest competitive advantages you can have. I chatted to Raj Kotecha, the event organiser, at the end of the night and want to leave you with a comment that really struck a chord with me:

“Gary doesn’t remember your name up here” he said, pointing to his head. “He remembers it here” and pointed to his heart. “That’s where the long term memory is”.

I doubt anyone who was there last night would argue with that.

Were you at VaynerWorld? Or perhaps you watched some of it on Periscope or Facebook Live? I’d love to hear what you thought of the event and what lessons you took from it. Leave a comment below.