Is Phoenix expensive, should I move there?

You would be amazed how often I get that question. As a Realtor in the Chandler/Phoenix area I average some variation of that question at least weekly. I bet you I answer it at least 60–75 times a year.

So I decided to try to make it easy and answer it for everyone. The problem with the question is, it depends. It depends on what you are used to. If you are moving from Camp Hill PA to Phoenix AZ you may find the cost of living a little higher than you are used to, but if you are moving from Chicago to Phoenix, the cost of living may be better than you are used to.

But I have good news. There is a tool that can help you determine if Phoenix may or may not be to expensive for you. There is a cost of living calculator that I send to everyone who asks the question.

So go ahead on over there, enter your current income, where you live now and where you want to move to and they can help you compare the cost of living and then you can decide if living in Phoenix is expensive or not for you and your family.

I talk about this and answer other Phoenix real estate questions on our #AskTPREG (The Phoenix Real Estate Guys) at

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