Art, why we all need to use this more!

Made me chuckle, for those who can relate.

Digital, pencil, pen and paper, crayons, markers, clay etc.

The world is losing a passion for the arts due to the daily struggle of life. Back in Ancient times artists were not artists. They were regular people like you and me that picked up a tool and etched it into a wall or stone. Art was not a matter of skill but rather a piece of imagination that was scraped into a wall. People were able to create something from nothing with no skill as an artist. Now a days people stopped using their imagination, it is a side of the brain that just sits and rots. We have to look at art as a chance to spread our creaticity to the world without skill being a factor. Pickup a piece of paper and draw something that comes to mind and continue to add something to it…using imagination. Practice this on the daily and you will become a happier person and your mind will open up a world of opportunities for you.

Do not let the daily struggle of life slow you down. Use it as a motivation to become better and it all starts with being happier. Drawing on a piece of paper allows you to spread your thoughts to reality. Try it! It really is amazing!