How to improve at living the dream in 2 minutes!

Disclaimer: The dream has nothing to do with wearing a suit and tie nor having millions of dollars.

We all go to sleep, eat, drink, laugh and have fun.

We all sleep with our eyes closed but we do not realize that when our eyes open, our dream is alive.

We want happiness and success. Money buys stuff, that is it. Stop searching so much for more money that you lose every other aspect of life.

Money will only bring more responsibility and stress. Work every minute of every hour of every day.

Earn millions with a frown. Earn nothing with a smile.

Go to Belize and step foot on a beach. People will be sleeping on the floor, chilling on the beach, enjoying life. That is all they have. They do not need money.

Belize is one of the happiest countries. Look it up.
99% of people that inhabit that country probably earn less than you.

So why are you not happy?

You look at others and become jealous of what they have (for some reason). After realizing that you can not have what they have, everything goes down hill.

Stop looking at others. Be yourself.

Overall, understand that the dream is now. Everything you do now, you will still do if you are rich.

Get out there and live.

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