The evolution of transportation. Walking will be dreaded upon.

Pictured above is what looks to be a drift car. Bride seats, aftermarket e-brake, roll cage, detachable steering wheel etc.

A new fad where people transform cars into track gods. As these vehicles become more expensive and the scene is evolving, new modes of transportation are uprising.

Scooters, skateboards, bicycles are things of the past.


Noah…part segway, part unicycle.
Ruckus bike.

Three absolutely wicked modes of transport that truly work well.

Noah: Pretty much a unicycle but a lot easier to balance on and much more practical. Probably going to be excessively expensive but about the same price as a car. This is the future. Check it out here.

Hover board: Not really a hover board but same difference. Battery powered and fairly quick. Most pratical for replacing a short walk for a couple blocks. Watch out though, they are known to catch on fire for some reason…:(

Ruckus bike: Hands down my favorite. A small extremely practical bike that is legal on roads and can keep up well with cars. They also look awesome. All you have to do is get a license for motorcycles. Probably not the best for people on the larger side but very fun and cool. Highly recommend a custom Honda Ruckus.

If you can not afford an awesome car these can be some great replacements in the future. Check them out and maybe even invest in them, they are only going to become more and more popular. Good luck on the streets and happy travels.

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