4 Lessons I Learned from Posting Daily for 40 Days

Dean Rocheleau
Nov 16 · 3 min read

1. Write 500 words or less every day.

I can write more than that in a day, but I find the quality of the material dries up real fast.

I can add a sentence here and there or expound on something, but the main points have already been made and I am just fleshing out some extra material.

If I try to push past this point of no return I get into this real resistance zone.

It’s almost like my creative juice will only allow me so much mileage in a day and after that, it is an intense uphill battle to get anything good written.

I have tried setting the intention of writing 1000 words or more to accommodate Medium’s emphasis on reading time, but honestly, it was a disaster.

I just ended up feeling more and more drained and I just wanted to publish the piece and be done.

It didn’t matter if there were a million typos or grammar errors or even if a paragraph flowed or made any sense.

I wanted to get it done so I can go back to doing the things I actually enjoy and living my life. I felt so tired and unhappy.

It’s funny that writing is normally something I enjoy especially if I feel inspired.

This pushing for more output really sucks the joy and inspiration out of the whole process for me.

So yeah, no more long essays for me.

2. Have a writing partner who is also posting daily.

This is something I discovered recently.

Lydia Koh a fellow writer contacted me recently and said she was going to start up the challenge of posting every day for 1000 days.

That’s great and oh f@#! came to mind. This meant I really have to on the ball about publishing something every single day.

I can’t work on something for 2 days and then publish it. I have to keep to my commitment of 1 piece a day and make it a true priority.

Telling myself work is really stressful and busy, so I just don’t have the motivation or energy to squeeze in that writing during my breaks or after work is no longer an option.

I have to really try to be efficient in my writing and use of time or I won’t be able to put out something good.

It really lights a fire under your butt to rise to the challenge and just do it.

3. If you have a day job that is mentally or emotionally taxing do your writing in the morning.

I have a job that is more physically demanding than mentally challenging.

It doesn’t involve sitting in front of a computer all day doing excel sheets or writing reports, so I have the mental and creative reserves to write something new and interesting every day.

I can’t imagine doing this if my day job wipes me out mentally or emotionally.

That is not to say I am not physically drained or I don’t hit a mental block towards the afternoon because I often do.

I just front-load all of my major writing to the first half of my day, so when late afternoon and evening rolls around I am just putting on the last touches.

This strategy has really cut out some of the stress of publishing daily because I am not much of a night person.

By the time I come home, make dinner and do cozy time with my husband Ryan I am mentally shut down.

All I can really do is edit things I have already written. There is not much left for generating new material.

4. Write on the same topic every other day.

This one is really working for me lately.

I write on horoscopes every other day and the rest of the time I write whatever strikes my fancy.

There is a structure and rhythm to my writing topics so I don’t have to wonder what I am planning on writing about half of the week.

I wouldn’t want to write on the same topic day in and day out, so this gives me a nice balance between a regular schedule and free form writing.

My creativity is given a day to recharge and be fresh the next time I want to be inspired.

Dean Rocheleau

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I post daily about writing, life lessons, health and spirituality.

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