My Worst Pot Experience Ever

But my husband thought it was fantastic

Dean Rocheleau
Dec 4 · 4 min read

Brownies are my favorite dessert. I am not much of a sweets person, but I could eat brownies all day.

There is just something so chocolaty delicious about them that I can’t resist. Most other types of dessert are whatever for me.

I have been wanting to incorporate some cannabis into our desserts for a while, but I never felt the intuitive impulse until now.

I usually just sprinkle a little bit into my teas here and there, but this is the first time I have incorporated it into food.

I picked a brownie recipe that I really liked.

It’s a browny pudding, which is sort of a more decadent and yummier version of the regular brownie.

I was going to sprinkle it into the batter, but I didn’t realize it had a liquid component that you pour onto the batter.

My husband Ryan said once you do that you are not supposed to stir it. I ended up sprinkling some onto the brownie.

It was an interesting experiment because putting it on top means it will be exposed to even more heat in the baking process and be more potent.

I am always trying to get the most out of my herbs and spices in cooking and in teas.

I put the cannabis in the freezer when I first got it.

The idea is the ice crystals will break up the buds even further.

I then grounded it really fine with my trusty mortar and pestle before sprinkling it on the brownie.

I have read one herbalist who bakes her herbal decoctions at a low temperature for a long time.

She reports very good results and how the herbal effects go deeper into the system. This is essentially the process we took with the brownies.

I mean you have to bake it for a long time at a low temperature anyway so why not add a medicinal herb to it.

I treat cannabis like any other medicinal herb.

Yes, you can get high from it, but I tend to pick the high CBD and low THC kind so at most I get a little bit sleepy without being impaired.

Ryan likes the high THC strains.

I usually use my intuition to pick the right ones for us, but he picked a strain on his own one time.

They didn’t have the one I had picked online and I wasn’t around to pick another one, so he went with the store guy’s recommendation.

It was a total disaster.

He got so sick feeling from it, we have decided to only have me pick from now on.

There is a Chinese goddess name Magu. It literally means Hemp Maiden and she is considered the patroness of cannabis.

She had her own temple and followers at one point. She is mostly known for granting youthfulness, longevity, and mystical attainments.

I come from an herbal tradition that believes the plant won’t work fully or will work improperly if it’s not selected with the blessing of the plant spirit or a higher power.

I like to jokingly tell Ryan it’s cause Magu didn’t give us permission to work with that strain.

I was surprisingly drawn to a high THC strain for the brownies.

We had low THC strains available but I didn’t feel called to pick them.

I ended up using a bud and a half which is a lot more than I usually put into my tea. I figured its a big container of brownies and I am spreading it out, so it won’t be all that strong.

Boy was that assumption wrong.

I felt slightly intoxicated at first.

We split the brownie into 4 pieces after it was done baking. I had a piece and so did Ryan.

I did some of my prayers and meditations and they felt unusually uplifting. I ate some food for dinner and that’s when it hit me all at once.

I got so dizzy and unsteady feeling on my feet. My throat got very dry and I kept getting racing thoughts and images.

This mental state reminded me of a vision quest I did with a Peruvian Shamanism teacher. You also get these series of rapid flashing images and thoughts.

I can see how doing creative things in this altered state could be very productive, especially at a much lower dose for me.

I am so used to just a slight sleepy feeling from cannabis that I felt unpleasantly surprised.

Being a control freak, I didn’t like feeling so out of control at all.

I got scared that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep because I had work the next day, but I did end up sleeping ok.

I felt slightly out of it in the morning like it took a lot of will power to get moving but no dizziness or unsteadiness.

Thank goodness.

I asked Ryan about his experience.

He said it was a very potent but wonderful high.

He didn’t get any of the dizziness, but he did get good associative thinking on it and he gets very talkative.

Not like drunk talkative, but actually interesting things to say talkative.

He wants to bake more of them in the future of course.

If you are wanting to get the maximum effect out of your fresh herbs, try the triple extraction way.

Freeze it, grind it and then bake it in something chocolaty and fatty. I suspect the chocolate and fat also enhance the efficacy of the herbs.

If you are using dried herbs then grinding and baking it would be enough.

The drying process works in a similar way to freezing, because it breaks up the plant cell walls.

This can work for any leafy herbs, especially if cannabis is not legal where you are or you prefer less psychoactive herbs.

This is Post 55 of the 1000 Posts in 1000 Days challenge.

I hope you will join me for the rest of this journey.

Dean Rocheleau

Written by

I am a writer, artist, wizard, and tea drinker. I post daily about writing, life lessons, health, and spirituality.

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