Headphone Showdown: Sony MDR-1000X Vs Bose QuietComfort 35
Alex Rowe

Great article, I read it prior to purchasing my latest pair of headphones.

I went to our local JB-Hifi store here in Australia and spent over an hour listening to both unit’s. Personally the ANC on the Bose 35 headphones are much better, no head phones that I have tried come close to them Re: Noise Cancellation however the downside is you cannot control the ANC level like you can on the Sony’s.

For me personally at the end of the trial I couldn’t ignore the difference in comfort, the Sony’s are way to tight unless you have a very small head.

I thought it was maybe the pair I was trying so I waited until the other set were free and tried them on and sure enough the same problem in exactly the same area’s (Ear Lobes predominantly) were excruciatingly tight.

After 20 minutes I had to keep giving my ears some relief because the tightness of their ear cuffs on the Sony’s were just absurd, I had to keep releasing the cuffs to let some blood get back to me ear lobes along with rubbing my ear lobes to get that extreme pinching feeling some what away.

So in the end I went with the Bose 35’s because they were just very comfortable, it barely felt like I had them on.

At the end of the day for me personally comfort is number ONE, I don’t care what bells and whistles come with the opposition so to speak, but if the comfort isn’t there forget about it regardless of price. IF the Sony’s were comfortable like the Bose were then I would have purchased the Sony’s because I do like the idea of having the option of having some control over the ANC, which works quite well with the Sony’s.

However in my opinion the ANC on the Bose are far superior to any other head set on the market, no comparison if that is solely what you’re after.

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