The NJ Governor’s Race Proves Bernie is a Fraud
Adam Carl

I was a Bernie supporter during the primary, but i am not Bernie is god person. I think Bernie is basicly a good liberal with some socialist undertones. Nevertheless i think there’s something wrong with this piece. It doesn’t interview Wisniewski to ask him what he thinks of Bernie not endorsing him. It sounds like a hit piece from a Hillary supporter. And then i get this quote: “Don’t hold your breath that such an explanation will be forthcoming — because plainly articulating why Murphy is not obviously worse than Wisniewski despite his rich dude financier background would, of course, undermine Bernie’s stated reasons for tirelessly trashing Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 primaries, which turned an enormous swath of first time voters and others off of an effective lifelong progressive, and soured them on a historic, potentially Trump-blocking candidacy.” (emphasis mi None). This is a pro-Hillary/pro corporate Democratic piece disguised as a le. critique of Sanders. This may be the next excuse the Hillary people make as to why Hil lost, now that ‘the Russians did it’ is sliding away. ‘Bernie soured people’. NO Bernie did not sour anyone. Hilary was a sour candidate, a Goldman-Sachs corporate candidate, who didn’t have the sense to campaign in Michigan, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania.

Wisniewski is probably a nice guy and Bernie is not perfect, at this point being too cautious, but this article is a moderate smear job.

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